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In August 2012, I am going on a trip to Sangam, the Guiding World Centre in India with Guides from the Midlands. I thought I'd document my journey here, and all the fundraising I've got to do!
Seeing that the imminent exams are over I’ve decided to get my act together and try and get organised for our next meet-up.

We’re having a sleepover this time, and we need to bring a craft to do which is the bit  I failed at on the selection weekend. Not to worry though, I’m taking it more seriously this time and I’ve started planning a few weeks in advance. I still don’t know what I want to take, but I’ve got it down to a few to decide on:

Pom pom animals

Crisp packet bracelet


Lamb pin

They’ve got to be cheerful, easy, pretty cheap and British. I’m not sure how British those crafts get, but I couldn’t think of anything blatently British.

What do people think?

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